Writing great subject lines for your next fundraising email!

It may be small in size, but sometimes the toughest part of writing an e-blast is that pesky subject line!

If you’ve been wondering what your subject line should look like, what it should say, how it affects your open rates, or how it can keep your e-mails out of spam folders, we can help with some suggestions…

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How to format your subject line

Before thinking about exactly what to say, it helps to think about your email’s format. This can help give you some guidelines and criteria for writing your message. MailChimp, a leading e-mail marketing service, has some tips:

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How to write the best performing content

What should your subject line say? What types of words could make recipients more or less likely to open your e-mail?

How to avoid spam filters

Last but not least, all of this is of little use if your e-mail never makes it to your recipient! Automatic spam detection can derail your next e-mail campaign, so here are a few tips from HubSpot to help you stay clear of the spam folder!

We hope that these tips come in handy the next time you’re stuck filling out the subject line before sending out your e-blast!

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