Campaign Management

Corporate Giving Management Tools Help Your Nonprofit Run More Efficiently

The task of keeping up with corporate giving can be a cumbersome one, especially if your nonprofit or not-for-profit organization is understaffed. Instead of hoping that you have covered all the tasks both legally and ethically, invest in a corporate donation management software package. This type of software will allow you to feel more confident moving forward with all your corporate giving campaigns and programs.

Why an Employee Giving Management Program Is Right for You

Having an online giving tool means you can spend less time counting and configuring paper pledges and more time focusing on your campaign goals and efforts. FrontStream Workplace Philanthropy’s secure and PCI compliant Campaign Management solution does not require extensive coding or programming knowledge, is convenient for companies and organizations of all sizes, and is accessible 24/7.

With Workplace Philanthropy’s Campaign Management, your company or organization can launch an online employee giving or public campaign that engages donors and inspires philanthropy, track campaign results, administer gift match programs, and make the donor experience personal with the option of three unique donor experiences.

Benefits of FrontStream’s Workplace Philanthropy Software

Reduce administration time and data entry costs.
Time is money, especially for a nonprofit with a limited budget. Every hour you can save will result in more money to spend towards achieving your charity’s overall goals.

Choose who gets to see what reporting information by varying permission levels
Not sure certain information should be shared with all the people in your organization, such as phone numbers, giving levels or credit card numbers? Make some of the data unavailable to employees, volunteers, board members and more.

Engage your community of donors and make giving more meaningful with data on donors’ charitable interests, unique giving preferences and history.
As you put together your marketing messaging, remember to tap into your employee giving management program data. This can add personality and substance to all your campaigns and encourage donors to dig deeper.

Drive company messaging throughout the pledge process, via integrated communication options and by highlighting causes.
Keeping your donor base up-to-date during your campaigns will assist them in understanding how their generous donations are supporting your nonprofit mission. This may entice some to share this information with their friends, so you can recruit new donors.

Design and set campaign preferences without complex coding or IT set-up.
FrontStream knows you aren’t necessarily a trained coding professional. That’s why all our software has been designed to make it simple to learn regardless of your background.

Provide an effortless donor experience with intuitive custom pledge models, historical data incorporation, multiple payment options and Single Sign-On integration.
The more efficient and friendly you can make the donation process for supporters, the more likely they are to donate again in the future. Never miss an opportunity to “wow” your constituents.


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