FrontStream’s Workplace Philanthropy platform provides a customizable, web-based corporate philanthropy platform that allows companies to drive a measurable increase in their giving, matching, and volunteerism programs. Our experienced team helps businesses improve their speed and performance with moving donor dollars, save time on administrative tasks, and quantify results through advanced reporting and analytics.

Agile enough to stay ahead of the curve and backed by proven expertise in running increasingly successful volunteer and giving programs, FrontStream provides innovative and secure services to take your philanthropic efforts to the next level.

Increase donations, drive volunteer and donor engagement, reduce costs, and generate a greater community impact. Whatever your philanthropic goals are, let us match you with the perfect solutions.


Campaign Management

Engage donors with effortless and customizable online employee giving campaigns; track the progress with real-time reporting.


Funds Processing & Distribution

Save time and money with our Funds Processing & Distribution system that handles the back-end details, and ensures secure, timely delivery of funds.


Volunteer Solutions

Promote volunteerism, search for opportunities, track hours, and manage volunteer events with our simple and effective virtual volunteer center.



Boost involvement and raise more funds by matching employee gifts and volunteer efforts with our highly customizable corporate matching programs.


International Solutions

Expand your campaign’s reach with international solutions that provide employees with a customized international giving experience domestically and across the globe


Disaster Response

Take action quickly when disaster strikes with a simple but effective click and give form dedicated to providing relief to those in need.

Corporate Giving Software Makes It Easy for Employees and Companies to Support Nonprofits

For charities and nonprofits, partnering with businesses to offer employee corporate giving programs can substantially increase revenue streams. Not only are the corporations able to fulfill their community outreach pledges, but the workers also have the opportunity to know that their favorite charities will get more than they can individually give thanks to matching programs.

In order to take advantage of this type of fundraising option, organizations need to have the right types of corporate donation tools. Without employee giving tools that are focused on streamlining the corporate giving process from beginning to end, it’s possible to make errors along the way. This can significantly hinder the growth of a nonprofit.

Corporate Donation Software That Makes Any Nonprofit Look Organized and Ready for Action

At FrontStream, we offer corporate donation software that can be adapted to almost any corporate giving program. Our software is robust enough to provide you with the criteria that matters most, and uncomplicated enough for you and those on your team to learn. With FrontStream’s customer service and educational opportunities, you can make the most out of your corporate donation tools. It doesn’t matter if your organization is small or large — if you want to establish corporate giving programs, you need the proper platforms to get the job done.

Build relationships with the corporate entities in your community the right way. Impress them and keep them giving to your nonprofit or charity by always having the proper documentation, reporting and software on hand. The easier you can make the process for the businesses, the better the chance you have that they will continue to support your mission.

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