Valid Input Characters

The table below displays all allowable characters (unless otherwise noted) that are accepted by the Payment Server. Characters are displayed in Courier New font. All other characters may cause undesirable results.

Table 1. Valid Data Characters

DEC HEX  Character  DEC  HEX  Character  DEC  HEX  Character  
3220 Space633F ?9660 `
3321 !6440 @9761 a
3422 “6541 A9862 b
3523#6642 B9963 c
3624 $6743 C10064 d
3725 %6844 D10165 e
3826 &6945 E10266 f
3927 ‘7046 F10367 g
4028 (7147 G10468 h
4129 )7248 H10569 i
422A *7349 I1066A j
432B +744A J1076B k
442C ,754B K1086C l
452D –764C L1096D m
462E .774D M1106E n
472F /784E N1116F o
4830 0794F O11270 p
4931 18050 P11371 q
5032 28151 Q11472 r
5133 38252 R11573 s
5234 48353 S11674 t
5335 58454 T11775 u
5436 68555 U11876 v
5537 78656 V11977 w
5638 88757 W12078 x
5739 98858 X12179 y
583A :8959 Y1227A z
593B ;905A Z1237B {
603C <925C \1247C |
613D =945E ^1257D }
623E >955F _1267E ~

Character Removal
The table below displays all acceptable characters that must be removed by the Payment Server before submitting information to the Web Service operations. See each input parameter for each Web Service operation in order to know which input parameters will have these characters removed. This character removal ensures that the Payment Servers’ internal XML parsers can properly read the information of the Web Service operation. Characters in the table are displayed in Courier New font.

Many XML Parsers will encode these characters for you. In this case, the characters will not be converted back to their proper values by the Payment Server; they will be taken literally. Also, if you pass the encoded character through an input parameter that removes the characters listed in the table below, then certain characters may be removed (see examples below). However, if you are not using a parser, or if the parser does not handle this encoding, then the characters in the table listed below may still be removed, depending on the input parameter for the Web Service operation you are using.

Table 2. XML Character Removal 

CharacterXML Parser Encoding

The following example shows how characters would be removed if the data was passed through the NameOnCard parameter of the ProcessCreditCard operation.

Valid: John James
Invalid: John & James becomes John James
Invalid: John &amp; James becomes John amp; James

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