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The Power of Using Social Media During a Crisis

Host: Vish Ramkissoon, Mark Quioc & Kate Kablash

Which non-profit organizations used social media for donations during the Japan earthquake disaster and who was the most active?

Social media played an important role in understanding the magnitude of the crisis in Japan as videos and firsthand accounts of the events proliferated the internet. As the disaster unfolded, social media played a crucial role in disseminating information become the number one communication channel used by organizations and individuals. International news networks used this medium to report on the disaster as it unfolded in near real-time and family and friends relied on Facebook and Twitter as their primary communication tools to find out the latest about loved ones. Vish Ramkissoon and Mark Quioc will share important data and analysis on how non-profit organizations used social media to drive donations and understand public sentiment as well as hear which countries led in the relief efforts.

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