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Discovering Your Story: Best Practices to Source, Cultivate, and Present

Host: Kate Hodgson

Today’s technology allows us ways to connect with each other in more ways ever imagined in history, and yet there is a prevailing sense of disconnect.
This undercurrent has manifested in the growing popularity of local and international storytelling organizations, and we now see this trend mirrored in the business world. Being an effective storyteller has become an essential tool in reaching your audience.
It’s hard to know what your organization’s story is, or if you even have one! In this webinar we will look at practical ways in which to discover the unheard stories or your organization that engage donors, highlight your impact and build on the experience of your staff.
We’ll break down the essential elements needed to make your story compelling and effective ways in which to present your stories as they align to the current goals of your organization.

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