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Supercharge Your Corporate Donations with Matching Gifts

Host: Adam Weinger

For many nonprofits, employee matching gifts are often one of the most overlooked sources of fundraising. Due to limited information about donors, corporate giving programs, and a lack of communication, it’s difficult for nonprofits to cultivate matching gift funds.

Given these challenges, too many matching funds slip through nonprofits’ fingers. In fact, an estimated $6-$10 billion in matching gift funds goes unclaimed every year! Don’t miss out on your share.


About Adam Weinger

Adam Weinger is one of the leading experts on corporate giving programs. He’s the president of Double the Donation, a company which helps organizations raise more money from employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs. The company partners with nonprofits ranging from arts and cultural organizations, hospitals, educational institutions, and community based organizations to help them increase fundraising from corporate giving programs.

Adam is a frequent contributor to many leading nonprofit magazines and blogs, including Double the Donation’s blog. Organizations looking to learn more about employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs should check out the resources the company provides which include lists of the top matching gift and volunteer grant companies.

Have questions for Adam Weinger or Double the Donation? Email Adam or connect with Double the Donation on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and Google+.

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