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5 Secrets of Email Marketing Geniuses

Host: Jay Wilkinson

Your nonprofit’s email communications can make or break your relationship with donors and constituents. Done well and you can strengthen these valuable relationships. Done badly…and well, there go future donations and support – and for good reason! Your constituents are constantly bombarded with emails, making it that much harder to get noticed in their inboxes.

As a cost-effective way to personalize communications to thousands of supporters, effective email marketing can help your organization build a network of loyal and engaged constituents. In this educational session, you’ll discover what the best nonprofit marketers already know – that email marketing is a skill that can be mastered!

You’ll leave with a better understanding of:

And more! Whether you’re already an email marketing genius or looking to amp up your communication strategy, we’ll have tips and tricks for you!

About Jay Wilkinson

Jay Wilkinson is a lifelong entrepreneur and longtime business owner. As a board member of several nonprofits, he understands the importance of utilizing the web to communicate and build relationships with constituents, and he avidly supports programs that provide leadership and enrichment programs for America’s youth. As an educator, he has trained thousands of nonprofit fundraisers, marketers and executives on topics ranging from marketing and technology to the internet.

He has appeared on CNN and other national news outlets discussing how emerging technologies impact nonprofits and is considered a leading authority on the proper use of the web as a tool to enhance the core mission of any organization. Jay currently serves as the founder and CEO of Firespring—a Nebraska-based marketing and internet services company that provides branded donor pages, comprehensive website packages and donor management tools to more than 3,000 clients worldwide.

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