GiftWorks Volunteer Module

People are a nonprofit’s most precious asset. Between the staff that manages your organization to the donors who fund it to the volunteers who give their precious time to your cause, without people, no nonprofit can succeed. But with limited resources, it can be hard to manage these relationships – especially the volunteers you rely on most. That’s where we come in with our volunteer management software

With FrontStream, managing volunteers doesn’t have to be a drain on your time and resources.

Reduce the time you spend on volunteer management with GiftWorks Volunteer Management Software, an optional but indispensable add-on for GiftWorks software. Drastically improve your volunteer relationships with powerful management tools, enabling communication, job assignment, historical tracking, report creation, and more. Quite simply, it’s the ideal volunteer tracking tool for nonprofits of all sizes!

Manage volunteer relationships

Have you ever felt as if you were losing control of your volunteer management? Is it difficult to keep track of all your volunteers? Are you forging lasting relationships with the individuals who share your ideals and missions? If you aren’t cultivating those volunteer relationships, you’re missing opportunities to connect with the heart of your nonprofit. Don’t allow subpar volunteer tracking to ruin your revenue and cause you to miss your fundraising goals. Use the volunteer tracking software program add-on from FrontStream to maximize your volunteer relationships.

Create volunteer job descriptions

With FrontStream’s volunteer management software, you can highlight the required/desired skills, associated projects, and duties of your volunteers. This enables you to put together job descriptions for the people who are helping you. Job descriptions aid both your employees and your volunteers in understanding their parameters. Not only will all your events and processes run more smoothly, but you’ll also be able to more effectively manage workloads.

Screen volunteers

You can’t afford to have unscreened volunteers, but for many nonprofits, the task of checking applications can be a challenge. FrontStream has developed our volunteer management software to tackle issues related to screening potential volunteers. You can quickly pick out the best individuals, and even use the screening data to assign the right volunteers to positions that are perfect for their skills.

From the public’s point of view, your charity, foundation or nonprofit organization will seem much better managed, which will lead to higher trust and better chances of donations.

Assign volunteer managers

Are your volunteers currently operating as managers? Are you unsure how to assign volunteers to management positions? The FrontStream platform add-on gives you the information you need to make smart decisions in terms of volunteer management. Plus, you can track which events or processes were managed by certain individuals. This helps you make good decisions related to volunteer personnel for future assignments.

Track hours volunteered by date and by job

Tracking the hours that your volunteers work can easily fall through the cracks of all your other responsibilities. No matter your organization’s size, knowing how many hours were spent by volunteers is essential for planning purposes, as well as reporting purposes. In some cases, volunteers who are working on behalf of their corporations may need to have exact figures to bring back to their companies as proof of their volunteering.

Track volunteer availability

Are you frustrated by trying to figure out when your volunteers are available for jobs, events or tasks? With the FrontStream add-on, you can quickly determine which volunteers are most likely to be available depending on the task, year, week, day or hour.

Match volunteers to jobs based on skills and availability

Matchmaking is an integral part of managing a volunteer base for any nonprofit, whether it’s small or large. Some volunteers belong in one type of position, while others are better suited to different jobs. With our unique software, you’ll find it easier to match your volunteer base with the right projects and events.

Report on and track job history

Keeping records on your volunteers is important, especially if you have a team of people who may be assigning volunteers to help. With GiftWorks software from FrontStream, any person who has access to your database can manage the past performance of volunteers, as well as run reports. Accurate reporting is essential for analysis purposes, as well as future assignments. Great reports also help you choose volunteers to honor with special awards or titles.

With a GiftWorks Anywhere subscription, you can even manage events and volunteers when you’re off-site! As long as you have an Internet connection you can do all of the tasks you need to do, whether you’re on-site or off, just as if you were sitting at your desk. It’s the most convenient way to stay in touch with your nonprofit volunteers.

Work more efficiently, save more time, and raise more money for your cause. Schedule a call to learn how GiftWorks donor management can help.

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