Nonprofit Database Software

FrontStream understands the needs of nonprofits unlike any other software company. With our database management software for nonprofits, GiftWorks, track essential donor information, better manage your staff and volunteers, and create powerful reports that will help you achieve your mission more easily.

Discover how FrontStream nonprofit database software can help you Do Good. Better.

Cultivate Important Relationships with FrontStream Database Software for Nonprofits

Effectively managing existing relationships with donors big and small while also reaching out to new people makes every nonprofit and not-for-profit operate better. FrontStream CRM database not-for-profit software integrates easily with popular CRM programs such as Constant Contact so you can keep track of addresses, names and donation history. Plus, because CRM lets you keep a history of contact and communication, you can view letters and emails at the click of a mouse.

Use our nonprofit database management software to determine which relationships provide a high return on investment and analyze how to better develop those relationships in future fundraising campaigns. Keep track of donations from individuals, corporations and matching programs so you can analyze which appeals and campaigns are most effective. Or, create your own custom field so you can track data meaningful to achieving your organization’s own mission.

Even better, because CRM contains a built-in task management tool, you’ll never again have to worry about missing an important deadline or date!

Better Reporting and Analysis Functionality

FrontStream CRM is more than just a database. CRM excels at creating comprehensive reports which will help you learn more about your donors and your return on campaign investment. Choose from the CRM’s range of powerful pre-designed reports in our not-for-profit software or customize your own analytical tools using new fields defined according to your specifications.

Send your reports via email or export them to a different program for further review. Create summaries, alter layout and save your work for future projects. Whichever you choose, FrontStream will help you learn more about what makes your organization operate effectively!

Seamless Integration with Popular Software and Web-Based Programs

At FrontStream, we don’t expect your organization to give up the programs you know and love. That’s why we made CRM compatible with popular software programs such as Outlook, FileMaker, QuickBooks, Excel and more. Want to enter information directly instead of importing it? No problem. Our database management software features a unique SmartEntry tool that lets you enter large batches of data quickly.

CRM even lets you manage online donations easily! And because we believe in superior protection, we offer FrontStream CRM Data Protect, an easy-to-use data recovery management tool.

All This and Mobile Access, Too

CRM also helps you when you’re traveling for business or personal reasons with CRM Anywhere, the mobile nonprofit database management service. As long as you have an Internet connection you can reach all of your data quickly and easily. Create reports, send notices, update social media and manage staff, volunteers and events all at the touch of a button.

FrontStream gets the needs of the modern nonprofit. Let us help your organization Do Good. Better.

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