Mobile for good: How Canadian Nonprofits can maximize their mobile fundraising efforts

Originally published by Noelle de la Mothe on The Canadian Marketing Association blog, Jul 7, 2014.

Building on a previous post on mobile marketing for non-profits, I recently spoke with Claire Kerr, Director of Digital Philanthropy at Artez Interactive. She offers some helpful advice to NFP leaders on how to build internal support for investment in mobile fundraising campaigns:

State of mobile fundraising in Canada
I believe that we are not currently where we need to be when it comes to mobile fundraising. For proof of this we can look at how advertising on mobile is totally disproportionate to ad spend on all other media. Other channels like TV, or even digital marketing spend, are aligned to number of eyeballs and time spent — but not mobile. And at the same time we’re seeing that virtually all stats on smart phone usage are on the rise. Over 30% of traffic to fundraising and donation pages comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Industry and large corporations have jumped on the mobile trend but many NFPs are just getting started.


As the move to expand mobile fundraising efforts increases in the sector, what are the top things NFPs need to know to get started?

This all makes sense but with tight budgets, how do NFPs prove that this is where they should be investing?

Artez completed a benchmarking review of data from tens of thousands of individual peer to peer event registrants and the numbers show that mobile technology has a positive effect on P2P campaigns.

Get access to your analytics. Right now in Canada, 20% of charity donations are coming from mobile/tablet. You need to access your organization’s Google Analytics to understand the percentage of ages, revenue, growth, as well as which devices the donations are coming from and when they’re coming in.

Any Final Thoughts?

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