PCI Compliance

FrontStream and SecurityMetrics

FrontStream and SecurityMetrics have partnered to offer merchants a high impact security breach protection program. This provides all entities that use the FrontStream platform with peace of mind. Both FrontStream and SecurityMetrics are committed to the highest degree of protection.

SecurityMetrics Assurance safegaurds one of the most valuable business assets – sensitive customer data. SecurityMetrics Assurance helps businesses reduce their liability and avoid unforeseen expenses in the event of compromise.

SecurityMetrics Assurance Program Highlights

Data Breach Coverage
SecurityMetrics Assurance provides compromised merchants up to $100,000 per Merchant Identification Number (MID) to avoid expenses related to:

SecurityMetrics PANscanĀ®
Many businesses unknowingly store unencrypted primary account numbers (PAN) in their business network. If you are compromised, storage of this data creates liability for you and your customers. PANscan is software that allows you to simply and efficiently discover unencrypted payment card data on networks, computers, and storage devices.

SecurityMetrics PANscan helps reduce liability by pointing you to files where unencrypted PANs are stored – making them easy to delete. SecurityMetrics PANscan helps you:

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For further information contact FrontStream PCI Compliance at 800.687.8505.

Merchants that have previously been breached are not eligible for this program unless they have been PCI certified by a Security Standard Council approved third party forensic investigator.

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