We believe businesses of all sizes should have tools to make corporate social responsibility easy and effective. With MerchantGiving, support any local or national 501c3 charity by placing a donation button on your website and asking your visitors to give to a cause of your choice online! Empower your business to engage customers in charitable giving

Features & Benefits:

  • No cost to you. 4.25% of each donation will go toward covering processing and product fees, and the remainder will be sent directly to the charity
  • No paperwork to join
  • No need to leave your current payment provider
  • No equipment to install
  • All funds raised will go directly to the 501c3 organization of your choice by check monthly, or weekly by EFT if they choose.
  • Secure and encrypted data, tokenization, 100% PCI Compliant


Ways to Use Your Donate Button:

  • Instead of an old tip jar on the counter, create a measurable and transparent way to show how you support your community
  • Promote your community involvement by supporting a local nonprofit that you believe in. Instead of sending a check to your nonprofit of choice, use your business’ impact to multiply your contribution
  • Introduce your customers to a cause they might not have heard of, or offer to match all contributions made on the site
  • A quick and easy way for your business to help during a disaster
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