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Whether you’re new to online payment processing, or are learning how FrontStream’s secure tools can help elevate your business, we’re here to help!

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What do I need to process credit card payments?
A credit card Merchant Account is required to accept credit card payments or donations.
Which bank cards does FrontStream’s platform accommodate?
FrontStream’s platform accommodates Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diner’s Club/Carte Blanche, Japanese Credit Bureau, enRoute, WEX Voyager, debit cards and EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards.
What other payment methods does FrontStream accept other than bank cards?
FrontStream’s fasttransact™ platform supports Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, also known as electronic checks.Market studies have discovered consumers make more purchases with checks than credit cards. By offering ACH as a payment option, you have the ability to not only greatly expand your revenues, but guarantee customer satisfaction. FrontSream’s ArgoFire also accepts Gift/Loyalty cards.
Can card swipe (or card present) transaction be processed?
Yes, fasttransact™ accommodates both Card Present and Card Not Present transactions.
  • Card Not Present – online transactions where merchant is not presented with a physical card nor a valid signature.
  • Card Present – almost all transactions in the retail industry are Card Present transactions. In this setting, the merchant swipes the card through a magnetic stripe reader which reads the track data from the back of the card and sends it off to the bank for verification. The merchants are required to verify the signature on the receipt against the one on the back of the card.

If the card is NOT present, as in the case of a MOTO (mail order, telephone order) or online transaction, and the cardholder asks for a chargeback on the grounds of fraud, the merchant does not receive the money. If the case is an Internet order, then additional fees and limits apply — besides a MOTO case.

On the other hand, in a Card Present transaction, if the merchant authorized the card and has a signature slip, the merchant keeps the money (provided if the merchant can retrieve the receipt and present it to the bank when the chargeback dispute comes in). Our platform offers a complete end-to-end solution for signature/receipt/check image capture and retrieval system that completely eliminates this problem.

How secure is your system?
Proper security is complex and time consuming, which is why many gateways disregard their responsibility and take the “easy way out”. FrontStream emphasizes the importance of doing procedures correctly and taking proper precautions. All communication between your servers, our platform, the acquiring bank, and the issuing bank are encrypted end-to-end with 1024-bit RSA public/private keypairs assuring server authenticity and invulnerability to man-in-the-middle attacks.FrontStream’s platform runs in Secure Mode using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt all communication data.
Where are my deposits?
Deposits are generally made within 2 business days after the settlement date of the transactions. For example, a transaction run on a Monday is generally deposited by Wednesday. If you have confirmed the transactions were batched successfully and do not see the transactions in your account or back office reporting system please give our Customer Service Department a call.
I already have a merchant account; can I still use FrontStream’s platform without changing my account?
Our fasttransact™ platform works with virtually every bank in the US, making it likely that your bank is supported.
What is the average speed of a transaction?
FrontStream’s platform sends all transactions securely to the various payment processors via broadband (DSL, T1, T3, etc . . .) versus the traditional dial-up method. This results in transaction times ranging from 2-5 second, also reducing the need to have shared modem pools or individual phone lines for each register. Ultimately, this means satisfied customers, fewer errors, and more sales for clients.
Do you have a web based interface?
Yes, FrontStream offers a proficient, easy-to-use web based interface that features merchant management, virtual terminals and extensive reports.
Do you support Recurring Billing? If so, why do I want it anyway?
FrontStream offers a complete recurring billing system, at time known as “subscription billing”. Merchants can store customer billing information on FrontStream’s ArgoFire. A PNRef number will be created, which merchants can then use to run transactions and schedule future billings, or schedule billings that will repeat at a regular interval.Recurring billing is beneficial, even to merchants that do not necessarily require subscription billing. It permits merchants to store customer information securely in the ArgoFire database. It is essential that the merchant keep track of their PNRef number.
Am I protected from fraud as a merchant?
Consumers are well-protected from online fraud by the zero-liability plans offered by their card issuers. However, merchants are not, as according to the law in the United States. A few fraudulent purchases or chargeback’s on your merchant account can lead to increased bank fees and revocation of your account.Automatically included with all FrontStream accounts are basic fraud screening tools including AVS (address verification system), Visa’s CVV2, Mastercard’s CVC 2, and American Express’ CID. These proven tools can filter out most online fraud, and are available to you at no extra cost.
How do I login to the back office?
Navigate your web browser to This will take you to the login screen. Input your username and password, in the appropriate fields and click “Login.”
How do I reset my password?
You will be prompted to change your password, every 90 days in most systems through FrontStream. Should you need to reset your password outside of the normal reset schedule please contact our Customer Service Department.
How do I process a refund on my gateway?
This depends on whether your gateway is integrated via a shopping cart or other integration method. In most instances refunds cannot be ran on a gateway without an offsetting sale, and never for an amount greater than the original sale. You can always run a refund through your virtual terminal on your gateway whether or not there is an integration present shopping cart or other, but only if there is an offsetting sale. Please contact our Customer Service Department for specifics on your gateway.
How do I process a void?
Call our Customer Service Department at 800.687.8505 for guidance on processing voids through your company’s POS/software solution.
What is a chargeback?
A chargeback is a transaction that is being disputed by your customer. You should receive a chargeback packet in the mail telling you how to respond. If you do not, contact our Customer Service Department.
How do I better understand my statement details?
There are various reasons that you may be charged by FrontStream whether it be for your monthly processing fees, your gateway invoice, or if you ordered supplies from us. If you are unable to determine why the charge was applied please contact our Customer Service Department for further help.
How do I update my business or checking information?
Call our Customer Service Department at 800.687.8505 for the business/bank change form.



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