Making the most of LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace

In 2014, LinkedIn launched its new Volunteer Marketplace to help nonprofits connect with skilled volunteers. According to LinkedIn, many members, including students, retirees and even busy professions, are looking for ways to make a positive impact without seeking traditional job opportunities. In fact, more than 600,000 members over the last six months indicated that they would like be involved in skill-based volunteering or serve on a charity board!


So how can you make the most of LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace? Here are three important strategies that could help bring in fantastic talent to boost your next event or campaign:

Make your opportunities attractive to volunteers

Sometimes a potential volunteer will already have an interest in your cause, but other times they’ll simply be looking to lend a helping hand to an important initiative. What should you emphasize to attract these volunteers? Make sure that you focus in your job postings on why your nonprofit deserves their attention and how the work they can do would make a true difference.

You can also tailor your volunteer postings to the type of volunteers you seek. For example, if you are looking for students, you can mention the skills they can develop or other opportunities that can come from the volunteer role. If you are seeking experienced professionals, you may want to highlight the flexibility of the role and the commitment.

Find the right volunteers for your roles

With this new platform, LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to find the right skilled volunteers for your positions. LinkedIn has recentlly added several features, such as Talent Finder, webcasts, and Board Member Connect that help nonprofits find properly skilled volunteers and board members to meet their specific needs. You can even use the advanced search feature to target professionals with specific skills and experiences that would best suit the role.

Make sure that your volunteer posting is clear about the skills that are required. This will make it easier for you to select the best volunteers and prevent unsuitable volunteers from giving up their time unnecessarily.

Showcase your organization’s work

The new Volunteer Marketplace has a chance to meate more awareness for your cause and your nonprofit. Even if a potential volunteer doesn’t end up matching up with you on an opportunity, the exposure can still influence them and you may even create a new supporter!

In addition to summarizing your nonprofit’s work within the volunteer posting, make sure that your organization’s page on LinkedIn is full of details about your campaigns, programs and impact. Share great content and encourage those who find your nonprofit to “Follow” and stay connected so that they can become prospective donors for future campaigns. They might even become the right fit for an event or project down the road.

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