Incorporating Workplace Philanthropy Into Your Company’s Culture

Creating a company culture of “doing good” is an excellent way to build a positive workplace environment. Helping those in need can enrich your employees’ lives, hence working for a company that supports and encourages charitable goals results in happier, more productive employees. For years, businesses have debated the best methods to effectively incorporate a philanthropic culture in the workplace. Here are some basic steps you can take to support these goals at your own company:

Businesses Need to Help Employees Help Others
When it comes to helping employees help others, your company’s management can do a lot to facilitate workplace philanthropy. Managers should make sure employees are given the time and means to help the causes of their choice. One way to do this is to offer your employees a small amount of paid time off each year to volunteer at local charities. Logging volunteer hours can be difficult when an employee spends the majority of his or her week in the office and after-work hours are limited.

Make It Personal
One of the benefits of fostering workplace philanthropy is that it can bring employees together within your organization. This is especially true when a charitable cause has personal ties to a business. For example, if someone in the office has survived a major illness or has lost someone to a disease, employees often come together to support organizations that are striving for a cure. This builds a stronger bond throughout your organization which can have lasting benefits in terms of building a true feeling of community in the workplace.

Embrace Local Connections
Another way that workplace philanthropy can be particularly effective is when a business and its workers decide to support a cause directly affecting the local community. Sometimes when employees are asked to do something to help out a charity, it becomes an exercise in abstract thinking. Workers in rural Pennsylvania might not feel particularly compelled to help a struggling community arts center in across the country in Los Angeles. However, if there is a local charity that needs assistance with a real connection to their community, your employees will be better able to put real faces and voices to what would otherwise simply be just words on a request for charitable donations.

Take It to the Top
If you’re looking to get your entire company involved with a charity, it’s important those at the top are also involved. When employees see management alongside them doing whatever it takes to contribute to a cause, it provides a real sense of teamwork. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on various “team building retreats,” you can simply choose a worthy cause and go out into the field together.

Make it Social
When your company supports its employees in helping out a charity or worthy cause, your management should encourage staff to go online and post information about the charity to everyone in their social networking circles. This helps spread the word about the charity to get more people involved while also promoting the philanthropic culture of your business. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and let the world know how important giving back is to your company.

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