Heard Enough About the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Feeling challenged to top it?  Joking aside, look at the Challenge and see what you can learn!

 What made it work?  For one thing, it’s a crazy, attention-getting idea!  It’s funny, it became visual, viral.  For another, a fundraiser didn’t create it!  It was the product of an enthusiastic young person interested in the cause!

So, just maybe, the key to creating something new and different enough to attract people beyond your regular donor base is to look for something zany and look to young people to come up with some ideas that maximize the potential of social media to go viral.

 Maybe young people aren’t very high on your radar. After all, they don’t yet have much money or interest in traditional donating.  However, they do have enthusiasm; they like a quick response; they have a lot of friends; and, for all you know, they may have a personal interest in bringing attention to your cause.  And they “live” in the interconnected world—where tomorrow’s donors will be found.

 Maybe you’ve put all your focus on traditional fundraising and your traditional audience.  Who knows what might happen if you open your eyes to a wider world?

 Maybe you’ve never sought out a celebrity connection.  It’s always a good idea, especially when you’re trying to bring a fresh interest to your story—and especially when you’re targetting beyond your normal audience.

 Maybe you thought this new kind of fundraising wasn’t dignified.  How does dignified factor into $88 million dollars?  It may take some teaching to convince your board to try something way out.  But it will be worth it!

 Some earlier versions of zany fundraising have been:  bathtub races, jail the donor, buck-a-cup of coffee, flash mobs.  Name the ones you’ve seen or participated in! Social media adds a multiplication factor to this type of event.  How will you take advantage of this new opportunity?

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