GiftWorks Enhances Services to NonProfits with Release of GiftWorks 2014

GiftWorks, acquired by FrontStream in August, has announced updates to their business model in conjunction with their release of GiftWorks 2014 which includes an expanded set of services for nonprofit clients. GiftWorks remains true to their mission to provide nonprofits with the solutions and tools needed to accomplish their mission as well as their commitment to nonprofits of all sizes.

In line with this philosophy, GiftWorks also maintains its position as a competitively priced provider. In response to the shift in the way software providers are delivering their services, GiftWorks has moved from being a licensed software to a convenient subscription-based service offering which allows current and new clients to take advantage of flexible monthly pricing and guarantees access to ongoing software updates, training and support without the need for contractual obligations. Current clients also have the ability to lock in the lowest tier of pricing for a lifetime if they opt to use any of the additional features that GiftWorks is now able to offer post-acquisition.

With an integrated tool set that allows nonprofits to eliminate the need to use multiple vendors for a variety services, GiftWorks’ latest release is packed with features and additional service offerings that have been developed in direct response to client requests.  GiftWorks 2014 includes the following enhancements:

An added benefit of the latest set of enhancements is the fact that all of GiftWorks’ technology is wholly owned and consists of proprietary tools that have been developed by GiftWorks employees. GiftWorks does not outsource any services to third party providers and all aspects of client services, from implementation to post-deployment support, are handled in-house. This not only translates to the rapid deployment of updates and enhancements to the GiftWorks platform but also gives clients one source for all support and product-related questions or suggestions.

As FrontStream continues to pour resources into the GiftWorks platform, there is an ongoing effort to provide a consolidated roadmap that will guide product development efforts in 2014. As part of that effort, FrontStream has made the decision to focus development and support resources on the most current version of GiftWorks as well as the two previous versions of the software. Moving forward, GiftWorks will continue to introduce new features in future releases and provide comprehensive support for the products that deliver the most value to their clients.  The decision has been made to sunset GiftWorks 2006 – 2011 in March, 2014 which gives 2006 – 2011 a six month window to continue utilizing the older version of GiftWorks while testing the new features of the GiftWorks 2014 platform prior to upgrading.

Ultimately, the retirement of the older versions of GiftWorks will allow GiftWorks to reinvest additional resources in the continual improvement of the GiftWorks platform. One immediate benefit that GiftWorks clients have is the fact that they are now backed by a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant provider. The integrity of donor data has always been a top priority for GiftWorks and, with the introduction of new donation processing abilities, clients can rest assured that FrontStream and GiftWorks have gone to great lengths to ensure the security of sensitive payment information.

As a combined entity, GiftWorks and FrontStream collectively serve over 18,000 nonprofit organizations around the world and are committed to the support of clients and their causes.

Contact or call us at 888-323-8766 ext. 2 to learn more about the GiftWorks Standard nonprofit donor database software solution.

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