Food Fundraising Campaigns Are #TrendingNow!

At FrontStream Asia Pacific, we’ve noticed a trend in food-inspired fundraising campaigns. We love seeing how the act of eating can help fight cancer and beat poverty. It’s great news for foodies and social butterflies alike.

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Here’s how five Australian FrontStream clients are using food to fight for the cause!

Fighting Poverty with Food

The inaugural Salvation Army Souperheroes campaign rolled out in July this year inviting people to eat soup for a week on a tight budget (No truffles and caviar bisque, sorry!) while running a fundraising peer-to-peer campaign.

In their own words: “Be A Souperhero is a unique way for you to help make a difference in the lives of people struggling to get by. Every donation goes a long way to helping the Salvos provide support to people in our community in need. By taking the 7-Day Soup Challenge you will be a souperhero to people experiencing crisis.”

The annual Caritas Kitchen campaign has been running for a few years and takes a different tact. This campaign encourages participants to invite their friends around for dinner and asks them to donate to Caritas for people living in poverty. It’s also an opportunity to advocate for the cause by discussing the need to help people living in poverty around the world.

In their own words: “Caritas Kitchen is a simple and social way to support people around the world. It’s easy to turn your compassion into action: just invite your friends, collect a donation and serve up your Caritas Kitchen creation. The money you raise will help some of the world’s most vulnerable people to break free from poverty and hunger.”

Kicking Cancer with Cakes and Tea

Possibly the most famous “food fundraising” campaign in Australia is Cancer Council Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

For years, people have been gathering around delicious home-made cakes and cups of tea to raise funds for cancer research. This experience allows fundraisers and their families to reflect on their relationships with loved ones who have been affected by cancer.

In their own words: “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an opportunity for friends, family or workmates to come together, share a cuppa and some delicious food, and help those affected by cancer by raising funds for the great work of the Cancer Council.”

With a strong presence in Queensland, the Mater Foundation hosts the Mater Breast Ever Brunch campaign in August, raising money for breast cancer patients and research. Many fundraisers use the event to honour the women in their lives who have suffered from breast cancer. Hosts invite their guests to brunch, offering tea and cake either at home or work, and guests are asked to donate money to the Mater Foundation.

In their own words: “You might like to host a Breast ever Brunch in honour of a loved one who has been touched by breast cancer, or perhaps you’ve had the harrowing experience of battling breast cancer yourself. The more money we raise means the more support we can provide patients as they undergo treatment and the more funds we can put towards research to improve the way we treat cancer and fight for a cure.”

Lose your senses at the dinner table

Raising money through sensory deprivation has never been such a good thing to do thanks to Guide Dogs Dining in the Dark! A relatively new campaign by Guide Dogs Associations across Australia, Dining in the Dark asks people to host dinner parties for their friends while blindfolded, or a book a seat at a handful of restaurants taking part in the campaign. Dining in the Dark raises money to help people living with a sensory disability live independently with assistance from trained Guide Dogs.

In their own words: “Get a group of friends together for a dinner party in your own home and enjoy your meal… blindfolded. You’ll really taste the difference as you become aware of the challenges faced by people with a vision or hearing impairment. Donate what you’d normally spend on a night out and you’ll be helping Guide Dogs give people living with disability the gift of independence.”

Food is trending now! From MasterChef, to the paleo diet, to chili macaroon recipes, our focus on food and eating is growing. The social side of food is a great way to engage people and add a component of fun to fundraising campaigns. Let’s be honest, we could all benefit from a Morning Tea Challenge followed by a charity run or two … Documented on Instagram of course!

Cheers to that.

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