Five reasons your nonprofit should be on Tumblr!

In 2013, Yahoo spent an incredible $1.1 billion to acquire Tumblr. Tumblr is a popular blogging platform and growing social network. If you hadn’t been paying attention to Tumblr before, now’s the time to learn more about this trending network.

larger_Royal Children Hospital

So, why is Tumblr so popular? Here’s five good reasons…

Tumblr is all about personal and creative expression, so it’s no surprise that nonprofit orgs have been using it as an extension of their brand voice.

Check out these great charities who are active on Tumblr:

larger_WWF Tumblr

Big Idea: If your organization’s website is currently on an older content management system (CMS) that is difficult to update or does not have social sharing features (for instance, it does not share a thumbnail, headline & text on Facebook), consider using Tumblr as an organizational blog.

Tumblr could be your “hub” for content you want to share on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest! Tumblr makes it easy to customize your pages to include Donate Now buttons and links to your nonprofit website. Check out these examples:  Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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