Employee Giving … Amplified!

FrontStream Creates Big Opportunities for Charities and Corporate Philanthropists

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FrontStream is excited to announce a significant upgrade to our popular workplace philanthropy platform. Personal peer-to-peer fundraising options are now available to thousands of CSR teams across the U.S. and Canada! It’s now even easier to expand and grow a corporate social responsibility or employee engagement campaign.

Through an integration with FrontStream’s FirstGiving fundraising platform, corporate employees have the ability to quickly create personal fundraising pages for any of the nearly 2 million nonprofit and charitable organizations across North America.

FrontStream is a fundraising & philanthropy solutions provider that proudly serves over 20,000 nonprofit organizations and nearly 500 major corporations around the world. We know that charities struggle with separate systems for different tasks. Our focus is to bring data, donors, and actions together in a unified, integrated platform. FrontStream is the first company to combine employee giving, volunteerism, gift matching, online fundraising, and donor management in one integrated system.

How does it work?

With this enhancement, any employee can create a personal fundraising page for any registered nonprofit in the U.S. or Canada. Employee fundraising pages will be added to an internal database of campaigns that their coworkers can access and support by making a donation. Employees can also register for fundraising events and use built-in social tools to fundraise for causes they are passionate about. This upgrade allows a corporation’s employees to extend their fundraising efforts beyond the workplace into their personal network of friends and family members. Personal fundraising options empower employees to choose nonprofit organizations that truly reflect their individual values.

How is it managed?

Traditional employee giving initiatives already include employer-sponsored philanthropy programs, charitable payroll deductions, matched gifts, and direct donations. With personal peer-to-peer fundraising enabled, CSR teams can expand their internal campaigns to include grassroots fundraising efforts and raise additional funds for causes that matter to their coworkers.

Better for Businesses

Businesses are continually looking for creative new ways to engage their employees and contribute to their sense of satisfaction at work. Now that peer-to-peer fundraising pages have been integrated into the FrontStream Workplace Philanthropy interface, companies can amplify, tailor, and measure their CSR results, allowing for greater impact than ever before.

FrontStream’s Campaign Management tool grants administrators visibility into detailed employee fundraising data from Campaign Management administrators can get fast and easy metrics about employees who have created fundraising pages, segmenting this data by location, donation amount, causes impacted, and more. These statistics can then be used in internal and external reports that explore the effectiveness of these programs.

Better for Nonprofits

Nonprofits and charities now have another powerful channel to rally community engagement around their good causes. Every registered and tax-exempt nonprofit in the U.S. and Canada is automatically included in FirstGiving’s charity database. Thousands of nonprofit organizations already benefit directly from the fundraising efforts of supporters through the FirstGiving platform. Now that FrontStream’s peer-to-peer functionality is available to corporate workplaces, nonprofits have automatic access to an expanded community of donors!

Want to learn more?

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