Don’t Call It a Testimonial!

Sounds like something to do with death, or late-night commercials. Testimonial is Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties Box. What you’re looking for is a story.

Current fundraising refers to these gems of praise and endorsement as “telling the story,” a much more attractive and upbeat definition. To develop these stories to describe your offerings requires art and skill.

You are asking your sources to put into words their feelings about your organization which they have not yet fully formulated in their minds. It’s not an easy thing to do, but your efforts in helping them to do this will provide you with words and ideas that ring true and that focus on what a prime member of your audience (and potentially others) consider important.

So how do you find/elicit these gems?

Once you’ve gathered the new ideas from your source and massaged it to best effect, don’t forget to get permission to use.  Send the edited version with attribution to the source for approval, showing them exactly how it’s going to look with the attribution (or not) included. Save the confirmation email you receive in return. In about 20% of cases, you’ll be gifted with a revised (testimonial) story that’s even stronger than the original.



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