CRM Constituent & Donor Management

FrontStream Donor Management Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofit managers know that cultivating constituent relationships is essential to a mission’s success. With FrontStream’s Constituent Management (FrontStream CRM) software, you can easily manage the records of the people and companies that make your organization successful … with one simple-to-use solution.

Constituent Management Software for Small Nonprofits — And Large Ones, Too

Whether your charity works with one mission-critical constituent or 5,000 constituents and beyond, FrontStream nonprofit software for constituent data management will help you develop meaningful, successful relationships with the people who help your cause. From one-time small constituents to large corporate supporters, FrontStream constituent data management keeps your organization up to date.

Our software will help you enjoy constant growth and dependable revenue streams. If your nonprofit mission expands or changes throughout the years, your donor management software will help you stay in contact with the constituents who help you achieve your goals.

Our easy-to-use constituent tracking software lets you select one of our many pre-designed reports for capturing important constituent information, such as addresses, phone numbers and emails. Need a special report? No problem. FrontStream CRM also lets you easily create custom views and fields that capture the data you need to reach your mission. After all, the FrontStream CRM donor management program has been designed to be intuitive. You won’t have to hunt for what you need — with a few clicks, you can arrange the data and output to fit your nonprofit’s needs.

Plus, with CRM, you can keep unlimited, careful records of communications and donation history so you don’t risk offending the sources of your gifts. No nonprofit can afford to disconnect with donors or alienate constituents. And because our constituent management system for nonprofits intuitively understands your needs, our task management reminder system is built in, ensuring you’ll never again miss an important date, task or event.

Corporate Constituent Tracking Software Functionality with a Nonprofit Heart

FrontStream Constituent Management software provides a host of easy-to-use features that will make you wonder how you ever managed without them. For example, our mobile platform lets you access every feature of our desktop version without missing a beat, as long as you have an Internet connection. Best of all, you can try all of our easy-to-use features free for 14 days, with no obligation!

Not only can you access our easy-to-use features on the go, you can also run reports and analyze constituent data so your nonprofit won’t just be more organized, it will be more effective. Our reporting tools will let you discover which fundraising campaigns were effective and why — as well as which fundraising campaigns weren’t and, most importantly, why not. These reports can be essential when reporting to constituents or during board meetings. The ability to look at raw data through our donor tracking software can help you avoid future problems, as well as increase revenue streams.

When you need to send the results of your report on the go, forward them via email or save them for easy recall. With FrontStream CRM, your constituent management software system will have the incredible functionality of a for-profit business but with the customized needs of the nonprofit organization.

FrontStream CRM Is Smart

FrontStream CRM is smart. Our constituent management system can create and save lists of constituents, donors and pledges. It can analyze trends so you can see if your gifts are rising because the number of constituents is increasing or because the amount of donations is increasing. Export and update information at the click of a mouse and search your database for fast and easy recall.

The Gift of Communication

Chances are, you know how important expressing your appreciation to your constituents is. Easily reach out with personalized letters to thank and remind your constituents, complete with graphics, tables and more. Send emails with the touch of a button. Verify past mailings and analyze the success of solicitations.

Stay Knowledgeable With FrontStream’s Updates and Articles/strong>

When you invest in constituent management software for your nonprofit, you’ll benefit from a relationship with FrontStream. As a leader in our industry, we aim to keep you informed so you can achieve better results. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by bringing you the latest information and best practices related to the nonprofit and charitable sector. This way, you can learn from us and from your competition.

Try FrontStream for Free Today/strong>

If you have never tried our sophisticated software system before, take advantage of our 14-day free trial. During the two-week trial, if you have any questions, you can contact our team. There is no obligation to purchase our CRM software, making it the perfect way to try-before-you-buy — whether your nonprofit is small or exceedingly large.

Let the FrontStream CRM help your nonprofit Do Good. Better.

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