Grant Management

Coordinate grant activity directly with the charities your company supports

We’ve partnered with Versaic to strengthen our leading CSR platform. Through this partnership, FrontStream clients have access to innovative grants administration tools!

A comprehensive solution for grant managers and foundations

Versaic and FrontStream streamline the full grants lifecycle from initial request through process management and reporting. Most clients cut their grants processing time by more than 90% while increasing touchpoints with grantees!

Unified CSR management system for clients

Each company offers a best-in-class solution – FrontStream in employee engagement and Versaic in grants management. Together, clients can access the complete set of tools they need for fantastic CSR programs.

Versaic Grants Management is the perfect complement to FrontStream:

Grants are a popular way to contribute to great causes, but managing the process can be a challenge. Schedule a call to learn how FrontStream and Versaic make grant management efficient and effective.

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