Disaster Relief Fundraising

Respond quickly when help is needed

disasterfundraisingSome fundraising initiatives are time-sensitive. Our experience shows that the first 72 hours after a disaster are the most critical time for humanitarian groups raising money for emergency relief. FrontStream’s hassle-free donation forms are the quickest, most secure way for your company to collect money for those in need.

Extend support for an urgent appeal online

When the need is urgent, your employees may want to create individual fundraising pages to support an emergency appeal. FrontStream’s peer-to-peer tools help your employees reach out to their friends, family, and online networks. Our social and mobile integrations immediately reach participants and donors wherever they are, be it on Facebook or on an iPhone.

Be ready to help with FrontStream’s innovative tools:

Give your employees the tools to react quickly and generously after an emergency. Schedule a call to learn how FrontStream can help your company support urgent causes.

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