Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (CBHCare)


Of all the medical disciplines, mental illness is easily one of the most mystifying. Throughout history, mental disorders were mistreated and misunderstood, not seen as the serious, potentially chronic and disabling medical conditions that they are. Fortunately today’s perception of mental illness has improved, thanks to decades of awareness campaigns and an increased scientific understanding of the brain. Nevertheless, mental health treatment remains a perplexing and inconsistent domain.

Although mental disorders are common, with nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults suffering from a mental illness, many who suffer do not receive proper health services. Due to varying factors, only 39% of people with any mental illness receive health services, and just 3/5ths of people with a serious mental illness do, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Yet professional assessment is necessary in many cases; like any illness, mental disorders demand a long-term strategy to avoid prolonged problems and to ensure a stable recovery.

This is where Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. of New Jersey provides an invaluable service to the mental healthcare community. Having seen the need for better mental health treatments half a century ago, CBHCare provides a variety of counseling and rehabilitation services. Using individualized consultations, group therapy, and residential programs, CBHCare has seen formerly hospitalized patients gain independence and stability in their lives. Most importantly, CBHCare ensures affordable costs for the best healthcare services, from assistance in navigating insurance benefits to using state subsidies from grants for those who don’t have insurance or other financial resources. In over forty years, no one has ever been denied CBHCare services because they could not afford them. The world of mental health may be complicated, but CBHCare makes treatment manageable, effective, and enduring.

No one knows this more than Truist Senior Account Manager, Stacey Butcher. Since the age of 17, her brother has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a condition in which a person experiences symptoms of schizophrenia, such as hallucinations, and of mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression. For the past 16 years, her brother’s symptoms had been managed until the passing of their uncle. This event deeply affected him: he stopped taking care of himself and ultimately had to be hospitalized. What Stacey’s family had hoped would be a one-time episode eventually became a pattern: after a month or two in the hospital, her brother would be released, only to stop taking his medication, which compelled a concerned Stacey to commit him again. Finally, after what was to be his 10th release, Stacey was asked to have a family meeting with CBHCare included. This finally stopped the cycle: “They got my brother to agree to enter their medication compliance program and group counseling. Since his release in February 2012 he has attended the program every day and has not been back in the hospital.”

CBHCare is particularly dear to Stacey because she believes their intervention saved her brother’s life. Stacey says that, “If they had not stepped in to help us when they did, I think my brother would have [died] or would have seriously hurt someone else.”

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