Nonprofit Search Plugin

The Nonprofit Search Plugin is a consumer facing widget for the Charity Search API. Here’s a live example:


It can be installed into any page via :


The Widget uses jQuery (”noConflict”) and will include the library dynamically if the jQuery object does not already exist in the page.


Several runtime options are supported via the FG_GRAPHWIDGET_PARAMS (JSON) structure. This should be instantiated prior to including the widget. It is important to note that this variable must be defined within the global scope in order to be detected by the widget.
nocss : if this parameter exists, the widget will not try to include remote CSS. Use this to define your own style sheet.
results.selectaction : Callback when a result has been selected (args uuid, charity_name, ein).

When a result has been selected, the charity uuid will automatically be populated to #fg_selected_charity_uuid

<divid="fgGraphWidgetContainer"></div><script>var FG_GRAPHWIDGET_PARAMS ={
results :{
selectaction :function(uuid, charity_name, ein){
alert('SELECTED '+ charity_name +' '+ uuid +' ein ('+ ein +')');}}};</script><scriptsrc=""></script>
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