Refunding Transactions

The donations API provides a method to allow a partner to request a refund for a transaction.

API Authentication

The following API methods all require standard API authentication headers as described in the main donations API documentation. You must pass your application id and token in the HTTP request header. The name of the parameters are “JG_APPLICATIONKEY”, and “JG_SECURITYTOKEN”. An example request header might look like this: JG_APPLICATIONKEY: samplekey JG_SECURITYTOKEN: samplepassword


A transaction Id  or donation Id is provided as an input parameter. Only transactions which were originally submitted by the authenticated API key can be looked up. A transaction Id which does not exist or that was not created by the requesting user will result in identical 404 failure responses.

GET Input Values

Sample Request
curl -X GET -H “JG_APPLICATIONKEY: 434a712a-31ec-4c00-a3bf-782897af27e5″ -H “JG_SECURITYTOKEN: 35afbf1-07e4-4886-88f7-3ce34680eb6f”

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