Donation Button Callbacks

The integrated donation button supports the injection of variables into the initial donation form via the   FG_DONATE_BUTTON_PARAMS JSON structure.


	attribution_name:'Foo Bar',

 _cb_success is expected to be a base64 encoded URL which is unpacked and called via the GET method upon the successful processing of a donation.  The callback subsystem appends several new variables to the supplied URL which can be ingested by the 3rd party system.  These variables include :

The callback also generates a signature for the request which can be verified against the Donate Button to ensure the received message originated from the Donate Button and not an arbitrary 3rd party.  This signature exists in the request header ‘Fg-Popup-Signature‘ and can be confirmed by calling the URL{Fg-Popup-Signature}?payload={Base64 encoded GET request received, including FQDN} The signature verification service will return either a 200 OK on success, or a 404 on verification failure. Example Here

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