Charity Search API – DEPRECATED

Nonprofit Search is a public search API for Nonprofits (National Chapters) which FirstGiving can process donations for. Transport is HTTP with queries defined as GET parameters.  The service is able to respond with JSON and JSONP. The production graph service can be found at:{args}

The following attributes are supported.

Multiple attributes can be specified, they will be logically AND’ed.  Attributes marked with ‘weighted’ will be OR’ed, with higher ‘weighted’ results appearing within the first results. Results without mission statements are viewed as lower quality matches and are offset in relevance by -1

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Service Response
The service returns JSON for the format : Successful responses are delivered with ”’HTTP 200”’ status. payload: total: {results_total_count}, page: {page_number}, num_pages : {Math.ceil(total / page_size)}, num_results: {num_results_returned}, page_size: {size_of_page}, results : {list_of_results} Errors will return as ”’HTTP 404”’. ‘payload’ details the error message.

”’Get a charity by uuid (compact) ”’ response mime: application/json {“payload”:{“results”:[{“charity_uuid”:”b6487352-edd0-11df-ab8c-4061860da51d”,”primary_name”:”AM FRIENDS OF THE MERAV FOUNDATION II KEREN MERAV”,”mission_statement”:””,”ntee”:”P84″}]}} ”’Get the EIN of a Charity”’ response mime: application/json {“payload”:{“results”:[{“ein”:”911189441″}]}} ”’JSONP request of all Charities starting with Grayhawk”’ response mime: text/html myFunc({“payload”:{“results”:[{“charity_uuid”:”b791f350-edd0-11df-ab8c-4061860da51d”,”primary_name”:”GRAYHAWK CLASSIC RESIDENTS FOUNDATION”,”mission_statement”:””,”ntee”:”P20″,”ntee_title”:”Human Service Organizations”}]}}); Example of a complete (not compact) record: { charity_uuid: “b65a7228-edd0-11df-ab8c-4061860da51d” ein: “943295968″ primary_name: “ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER CULTURAL CENTER” city: “SAN FRANCISCO” state: “CA” zip: “94103″ ntee: “A20″ mission_statement: “Cultural Center” ntee_data: { description: “Organizations that promote, produce or provide access to a variety of arts experiences encompassing the visual, media or performing arts.” keywords: “Arts Centers; Arts Guilds; Cultural Centers; Multipurpose Arts; Multipurpose Cultural Organizations;” ntee_code: “A20″ title: “Arts & Culture” } } ”’Get My Postcode”’ response mime: application/json {“payload”:{“zip”:”94601″}}

NTEE Codes
Below is a list of top level NTEE category codes.  Each code has a number of subcategories contained within, a complete list of these subcategories are available by request. ntee_code    title A    Arts, Culture & Humanities B    Education C    Environment D    Animal-Related E    Health Care F    Mental Health & Crisis Intervention G    Voluntary Health Associations & Medical Disciplines H    Medical Research I    Crime & Legal-Related J    Employment K    Food, Agriculture, Nutrition L    Housing & Shelter M    Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief N    Recreation & Sports O    Youth Development P    Human Services Q    International, Foreign Affairs R    Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy S    Community Improvement & Capacity Building T    Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations U    Science & Technology V    Social Science W    Public & Societal Benefit z    Religion-Related Y    Mutual & Membership Benefit Z    Unknown Extrnal link : []

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