5 ways to make your charity attractive to “giving circles”

By now, you’re probably familiar with “giving circles” – groups of individuals who pool their money, research potential organizations, and then donate together to have a greater impact on a charitable cause.

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From a nonprofit’s perspective, giving circles are a tremendous opportunity. They offer a chance for larger donations without the need for potentially costly outreach campaigns.

What are some strategies to help your charity position itself to be attractive to giving circles? We have some easy tips you can follow to get on a giving circle’s radar!

#1: Show them the numbers

Giving circles will do far more research than your typical donor. You can help them out by arming them with easy-to-understand data and infographics about your organization’s impact shared on your website. 

Of course, it’s important to balance the numbers with stories that also show your nonprofit’s impact – many people can be turned-off if the numbers are overdone

#2: Always be social

Most donors say that they research a potential new charity online by visiting their website. You can be proactive in reaching them by talking about giving circles on Twitter or sharing content on Facebook or Pinterest.

There are also many larger giving circles that have created Facebook pages to plan events and share information. You can search for these groups and ‘Like’ them to get on their radar and learn about what drives them to give to a particular cause, better suiting you to provide the content and information that meets their needs.

#3. Use your blog for outreach

Your blog is a great way to create content that giving circle members can stumble upon! While your website itself probably doesn’t have a section about giving circles, you can dedicate blog content to the subject to capture people who search for it on Google.

Within your blog, you can discuss the importance of giving circles, why your organization is worthy of their interest, share stories about other giving circles that donated to your organization, the reasons they chose your cause, and the impact that those donations have had.

#4. Self-education is key

As giving circles become increasingly popular, it’s important that your organization’s staff and volunteers become experts on the subject!

This is particularly crucial for members of your team that interact with major donors and corporate partners. When your employees are knowledgeable about giving circles, they are prepared to answer questions while promoting your nonprofit to any interested parties.

#5. Share links generously

One proactive strategy related to giving circles to is to educate your supporters about them, with links about how they can setup one of their own.    

By encouraging your supporters to start a giving circle, you can be certain that you’ll have at least some of the new group’s members vying to donate to your cause, while also influencing other giving circles to do the same. A great example of this comes from the One Percent Foundation!

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