5 Emails Your Nonprofit Supporters Want to Receive

It’s important to carefully segment your communications to volunteers, donors, or fundraisers, but that rule doesn’t mean the topics always need to be different!

These are 5 kinds of emails your supporters actually want to receive from you…

shareski / Foter / CC BY-NC

1. About your cause

Do you know what’s the most compelling thing about your cause? Be sure to communicate it to your supporters to grab their attention. Do you help advocate for animals in your city? Are you raising money for domestic abuse shelters in your community? What makes your cause special and your mission worth fighting for? Even as you segment your emails, your description of your organization and cause should always be consistent.

2. Upcoming events and fundraising opportunities

How better to keep your fundraisers informed than a short (but sweet!) email about your upcoming events and fundraising opportunities? Any upcoming bake-a-thons, road races, galas etc. should be communicated with excitement and enthusiasm. Your supporters want to know how to get involved. Format this email with bullets or bold print and with calls-to-action such as “reserve your spot now.”

3. Thank you emails

Who doesn’t like to receive a thank you? Thanking your donors is a crucial part of making them feel valued. A good “thank you” doesn’t have to be in email form. Why not send a short video or actual, yes actual, snail mail. “Thank you” emails not only show your gratitude, they act as a donor retention tool. Donors who feel like they’ve made a difference with your cause before are more likely to donate again.

4. The impact of a recent donation

Donors want to know they can trust your charity or nonprofit organization to make the most of the donation they’ve received. Make the extra effort to track every dollar donated and share that news with the people who made it happen. Charity: water does a great job at this by sending GPS coordinates to supporters of where their money has gone for special water projects. This extra bit of communication allows donors and fundraisers to feel more connected to your cause!

5. Updates on your nonprofit

Last, but not least, send frequent updates! If you have a great new campaign website you want to share, or you just gained an awesome corporate partnership, keep your supporters in the know! Update emails work as a retention tool but are also a way to attract single time donors and fundraisers back to your cause.

These emails are a great way to communicate without annoying or pushing away your supporters. Spend more time on crafting compelling email content and your friends, volunteers and donors will be thankful!

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